Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shade 55 Jeans are at The Maverick

As always, The Maverick Western Wear is dedicated to top quality merchandise for our top quality customers.  We are happy to introduce a new kind of men's Jeans, 100% American made, from raw material to production.  Find these Shade 55 jeans at The Maverick.

Watch our video interview with Shade 55 at Market!

Shade 55 Jeans are 100% American manufactured.  From raw materials to the finished products, the entire process is American grown, sewn, etc.  They are built "American tough", with a focus on the quality needed for the roughest wearer.  Attention to even the smallest detail on these jeans sets them apart from the average jean you can find in department stores. 

One such detail is the Shade 55 trademark on the back pocket.  When the jeans are bought, this trademark is very lightly seen.  As the jeans are worn, the trademark becomes more visible and unique to the owner. 

The name, Shade 55, comes from the true indigo dye used in the dying process of their denim.  This is the richest indigo grown, and that dye color is called Shade 55. 

By keeping everything American grown and American made, Shade 55 Jeans showcase the best America has to offer and supports our heritage and country by keeping all of the labor and materials in the USA.

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