Monday, April 30, 2012

Will Hobbs Joins The Maverick Models

The Maverick welcomes musician, Will Hobbs, to The Maverick Models! Born and raised in Weatherford, TX, Hobbs is a regular around The Stockyards.  Along with his weekly shows around The Stockyards, he has also become the male model for The Maverick website and advertisements. 

Hobbs graduated from Weatherford High School, and then went on to Houston to play baseball his Freshman year of college.  Deciding to go in a different direction, he then went to a music school in Florida called Full Sail, from where he graduated two years later.  After graduation, he went to UTA to receive his Bachelor's Degree in Communications.

Growing up in church, Hobbs has found much of his inspiration in gospel music, as well as country music.

"One side of my family is a gospel influence, and the other a classic country influence. I grew up on Ray Price and Merle Haggard. So I think I'm somewhere in between those two worlds. I'm without a doubt a country artist, but with a lot of soul. Some of my big influences are guys like Vince Gill, Lyle Lovett, and Ray Charles," Hobbs said.

Hobbs has been playing music for 12 years, and it has become his career.  He has toured all over the country with every kind of artist, from independent to national recording and acts. He has done almost everything in the music industry including management, artist development, booking, tour management along with playing and singing on his own.  He has also worked for several record labels and entertainment companies. He has now started to do music production for rodeos in the PRCA, and is working on his first solo record.

"I have played on, sang on, and produced many records over the last decade, but I'm planning to record and release my first solo record at the end of this year," said Hobbs.

While music his a big part of Hobbs's life, there is definitely more to this musician/model.  When he is not out on the town playing or modelling for The Maverick, he can normally be found with his horses and a rope.

"I also love to rope (team rope). That's what I enjoy doing when I'm not playing. I love the western lifestyle. It's how I was raised, and how I live my life. I love my horses and working with horses. If I could make a living roping, I probably would. But I do it mostly for fun, and competitively on a smaller scale. I don't rodeo, but do love going to ropings and jackpots." said Hobbs.

To see Hobbs in action, visit one of his shows or keep an eye out on our website to see his new slide show pictures.

Hobbs's weekly schedule is as follows:

 Monday - White Elephant Saloon from 8pm - 12am
Tuesday - Fred's North from 7pm - 10pm
Thursday - Love Shack So7 from 6pm - 10pm
Saturday - Love Shack So7 from 12am - 4pm
Sunday - Fred's Texas Cafe from 12am - 3pm

 Friday and Saturday nights are always different, so keep checking back for those updates.

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