Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back from Black

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Dressing western has everything to do with being authentic, and uncompromisingly hip. That is what Maverick Western Wear is all about. Maverick means fashion that is uniquely and wonderfully American.


Dressing western doesn’t have to mean bling-bling, over-the-top or gaudy.

As I mentioned in my last post, black clothing can showcase spectacular accessories which might otherwise become overpowering, especially if worn with busy, patterned, or overly-fussy clothing.

For example, a solid black cashmere sweater, worn with a spectacular squash-blossom silver and turquoise necklace would provide the perfect, subdued back-drop.

Yes, I love black. And perhaps I am overly focused on it. Anna Wintour would have a cow.

Blame it on the weather ! Paris is rainy, windy, gray and gloomy at the moment
(no deal is perfect), so I have trouble thinking about all the refreshing, new tones we are seeing this spring.

Therefore, to overcome my rainy-day blues, I shall attempt to project myself into the spring and COLORFUL warmth the Texas-based Maverick staff are currently enjoying.

For inspiration, check out this link to Pantone's Fashion Color Report 2012, which includes such wonders as « Tangerine Tango », « Sweet Lilac » and the minty-fresh « Cockatoo ». I feel better already !

Wow, now that is taking a giant leap away from my black fetish!
These spectacular colors inspire a few ideas that would work well with western couture : a pale mint green dress paired with some low cowgirl boots (check out Pantone featured designer, Ella Moss's page). A taupe, fringed jacket over a tangerine t-shirt (see Pantone designer, Cynthia Steffe's page). A two-tone jean jacket worn with a long dress (look at designer, Charlotte Ronson's page).

It has stopped raining, so I shall go out in pursuit of Parisian-women-in-cowboy boots yet again !

Lou Murrin-Honoré for Maverick Western Wear 

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