Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Who wears short-shorts?


Short-Shorts are all the rage this summer!

Your devoted correspondent can attest that short-shorts run amok here, on the streets of Paris, and the most popular variety appears to be the denim short, sometimes known as "cut-offs".

I recall taking the shears to an old pair of denims before braving the dam-slide in Ingram, Texas, some time in the last century. On the dams' slippery slope, the cut-offs’ principal function was to protect both my swimsuit, and my back-side, from bumps, bruises and eventual moss-stains. They didn’t have much sex appeal then, drenched and sending runnels of greenish, Guadelupe-River water down my freckled, knobby, sun-burnt knees, but they certainly have great potential now. Here is an all-American pair, perfect for those attending the Willie Nelson's Fourth of July picnic in the Fort Worth Stockyards!

Denim shorts, when combined with a slender pair of legs, can be absolutely killer. They can also be plain-old adorable, as seen in this link, with a peasant blouse and sandals. They can definitely work with cowgirl boots, mid-calf boots or moccasins (either the Indian-style fringed or preppy variety) as well, and don't have to be itsy-bitsy, teeny-tiny to be hipster-cool.
You can buy them ready-made, or do-it-yourself. I prefer the neat, roll-up version, and The Working Girl blog features a great selection. Whatever route you chose, for the love of Pete, keep the butt-cheeks in check! Sexy really can be about what you don’t see (and well-toned, seen or unseen, is infinitely preferable if you are going for short-shorts, please!). For some entertaining examples of how to wear or not to wear your denim short-shorts, check out these celebrity snippets.

Until next time!

Lou Murrin-Honoré for Maverick Western Wear
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  2. Thanks, Michal - Keep following our blog! I am seeing more and more fantastic denim shorts around Paris these days. They look fantastic, whether worn with sneakers, booties, moccasins or wedge sandals.


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