Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Fashion Fun from Paris

Fall Fashion Fun from Paris –

Notes on the French Fashion Press of September.

This Fall, fashion clearly encourages us to have a blast and to mix and match creatively. Suddenly, the tweedy collections of Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger seem stifling and pretentious. Dressing for a fox-hunt is out. It is time to let your imagination run wild, and create a look that is all your own!

A Rich Mix

©Elle Magazine France
I love how designers this season are playing with prints, creating combinations that are far from obvious, often mixing daringly mismatched, but nevertheless compatible pieces in a playful way that doesn't take itself too seriously. Designers are mixing textures in new ways, rich brocades with sequins, jewels, wools and velvets, as in this photo taken from French ELLE, featuring an intricately patterned, multi-textured Louis Vuitton skirt with an unexpected halter top and a tweed bag, or Prada’s lively mixture of colors, geometrical and floral patterns and multiple textures.

Prada Fall Collection 2012




















Le Clash - C'est Chic!

Some carry the mix even further, going for full throttle clash! The House of Holland offers an audacious mishmash of colorful prints that somehow works! There is something inherently joyful about daring to wear them with aplomb.
© Grazia Magazine, September 2012

Dare to Be You

Mixing is about far more than unorthodox combinations. Ultimately, it's about experimentation, trying out new genres and styles, using your imagination, and putting pieces together in an artful way that declares your fashion freedom! 

©Grazia Magazine, September 2012

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