Tuesday, October 9, 2012



Greetings from Lou Maverick, reporting from Paris. This season, channel Wonder Woman ! Super-human strength radiates from her wrist cuffs, that serve as protective armor against evil forces, while looking very cool ! 

The cuff bracelet undeniably adds a powerful punch to any outfit. One designer, based here in Paris, whose work has been greatly inspired by her travels throughout the Americas, both North and South, is the beautiful and talented Aurélie Bidermann.

Aurélie Bidermann - Wild West Cuff

Her collection features cuff bracelets, inspired by Navajo and Southwestern designs, as well as her "Do Brasil" collection, which combines brightly-colored cotton woven together with gold. 

Aurélie Bidermann - Navajo Cuff
Aurélie Bidermann - Do Brasil Bracelet Vermilion



Leather, silver and/or turquoise really work together when combined in a cuff bracelet, but are equally fun when worn as a collection of stack-up bracelets.

Adonnah Langer, based in Santa Fe, is another spiritual designer, who meticulously weaves glass, brass and pearl beads together with American turquoise, gemstones, gaspeite, and other stones and minerals to create her Chili Beadz bracelets, which are stunning works of art.

Chili Rose Beadz

Richard Schmidt, whose Texas-inspired silver, gold and gemstone cuffs are designed and hand-crafted in La Grange, Texas, will be showing his latest collection at the Maverick's annual Holiday Open House benefitting the Northside Inter-Church Agency, which provides underprivileged children with toys and clothing for Christmas, thanks to your donations.  


Richard Schmidt - Buffalo Cuff


Arm yourself with plenty of bracelets this Fall, and take the world by storm.


And remember...think WONDER WOMAN!

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