Monday, November 19, 2012


 As I have yet to find the perfect « Perfecto » biker jacket, this week will be dedicated instead to something far more feminine, yet every bit as trendy this season, lace. Lace is all over the place, and the upcoming holidays will provide many occasions to dress it up or dress it down, depending upon the tone of your soiree.

Dolce and Gabbana take first prize for their incredible collection of lace, filled with exquisite black lace dresses, dreamy cream-colored lace tops with puffed sleeves, elaborate lace petticoats and accessories, including these oversized cross earrings, worn by Bianca Brandolini d’Adda, the gorgeous Italian woman who largely inspired the designers’ lace-filled collection. I am so enamored with D&G’s lace boots with pearl buttons, that I have featured them twice in this blog !

In a less formal, more American style that combines the warmth of a cable-knit sweater with a festive, golden lace skirt, Michael Kors suggests that lace can be sexy and snuggly at the same time, and the pair, in my view, make an excellent match ! It is the unexpected blending of thick, textured wool with the delicate sheerness of lace that renders the proposition so interesting. As long as you don’t forget the killer heels, and furry handbag, of course !

Then, there is lace worn Chloe-style, with colorful  ankle-length trousers, heels and a tidy little pocketbook tucked under the arm. I am seeing a lot of white lace tops worn over bright, floral-prints, the most daring of you might even add a pair of leopard print pumps. Believe or not, it works! Lace looks equally lovely worn with a flouncy mini-skirt and low boots (see Isabel Marant above), and a rosy-toned lace top is an option as well!

Lace stockings are another sexy, stand-out option, and a very effective way to jazz up a potentially dull outfit ! On a subtler note, even just a hint of lace peeping out beneath a silk top can suffice. And of course, there is always the hidden lace lingerie that only you know is there, but that still makes you look and feel terrific.

Big crosses and chandelier earrings can and should be worn with lace, and particularly during the festive season, so go for it ! It is time to make merry and celebrate life, so make sure your holiday wardrobe includes at least one beautifully feminine piece of lace ! 

Next week, I promise to look out for the perfect leather jacket, and some leather pants while we are at it ! Until then, have a wonderful Thanksgiving !

- Lou Murrin-Honoré for the Maverick

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