Monday, December 10, 2012

The Good, the Bad-Ass and the Awesome Far West

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Ask any Frenchman over the age of thirty-five, my husband included, to describe his ideal image of the Far West, and Sergio Leone's seminal, spaghetti western, "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" (known in French as "Le bon, la brute et le truand"), will likely come to mind. I truly believe that my husband married me because of my star performance, at age twelve, in a synchronized swimming routine set to the film's musical score composed by Ennio Morricone, my one link to the film. I am equally certain that he, along with the rest of the French male population working in the banking industry, would secretly trade in their stifling suits-and-ties for Blondie's kick-ass wardrobe (Blondie, a.k.a. Clint Eastwood at his hottest).

Yes, my Frenchie would chuck his Cerruti for a closet full of Navajo panchos, leather-and-shearling vests, sexy, slim trousers accessorized with a low-slung holster (gotta pack yer Colt), a selection of sweat-stained sombreros (complete with rattlesnake hat-band), not to forget boots and the indispensable cigarillo. Hubby may, however, have to give up his Maman's Christmas pudding if he hopes to fit into those Clint-size slims. Désolée, chéri. Tough love for a tough guy. Of course, to truly embrace this new lifestyle, and fulfill his fantasy, I, as his faithful spouse, would probably be obliged to assume a supporting role, such as that of a good-hearted, South-of-the-Border harlot named Maria, so I think he'll be getting some Ropin' West luggage from Carlucci and a Colonel Littleton Ipad carrier from the Maverick instead.


So, why all this talk about Blondie, Sergio, Ennio and my French, Blondie-wanna-be husband? 


Because the West is as hip as that slender, yet unmistakeably masculine pair upon which Clint's holster rests! The bad-ass Blondie look will continue to evolve and be refined by designers in the year 2013! This week, I have collected a few images to show how the Western look is imagined from the perspective of French fashion journalist Aurélie Gaillard, in the November edition of Elle Magazine France.

Elle Magazine France November 2012

Calamity Jane feistiness, but a bandana made of silk.

A deep blue, fringed, suede jacket,  worn over a feminine, printed-silk dress.

Western-style embroidery on cropped pants, worn with kitten heels.

A leather choker, shaped like a bull's head.

Louboutin "cowgirl" boots with golden wingtips.

These are all fantastic pieces. For even more closer to home, just look at The Maverick's website for Biya's Navajo hoodie, Mescalero wrap and Tasha Polizzi's Yakima Cape and Charlie Red Horse Shawl. If a fringe jacket is what you are looking for, there are plenty of styles available for both women and men.

Mix a plaid, flannel shirt with skinny jeans and flats or a shearling-lined jean jacket with wide belt, a Hermès silver-link bracelet, and short, neat nails with a taupe varnish. Mix a striped sweater with a beautiful silk scarf. The Maverick carries perfect silk scarves from Johnny Was and embroidered tees from Double D.

Here, I love the Timberland "work" boots with a Liberty print border. In Paris, they are sold at Colette, a mecca for trend-setters and seekers. Parisian teens all bounce around town in their Minnetonka moccassins and matching fringe handbags. Kate Moss herself designed a pair of fringe suede boots for the brand Mango. The Maverick has an incredible selection of fringed boots, including the Vaquero from Double D, Liberty Short or Long Fringe and Sam Edelman's adorable fringe booties. An embroidered denim shirt is more than just a season's staple, it's a long term investment in comfort and style. Check out the Maverick's latest arrival featuring Navajo embroidery on the pockets. (The hot dog pictured above is there just because I am having serious cravings for a Hebrew National, with shredded cheddar, yellow mustard, onions, and relish, such gastronomy is, alas, a rarity in the city of Lights!)

L'Officiel, December 2012

One last pick, a plain, white shirt with studs. Be on the look-out and tell me when you find one!

These are just a few illustrations of the perpetual influence of the Far dream on, watch "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" one more time (but don't smoke a cigarillo), then come browse The Maverick!


- Lou Murrin-Honoré for The Maverick

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