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Harper's Bazaar, March 2013

Greetings from Paris, Maverick Fans !

Not so Chanel....

It has been a while, and I apologize for the hiatus. The Maverick's own Gayle Hill and Susie Ward joined me in Paris earlier this March to attend the Paris trade shows, featuring ready-to-wear and accessories from all over the world. We met up with a few, old friends, and made some fantastic, new ones ! Most importantly, we found many, new treasures that we very much look forward to sharing with you soon! Oh! And we did drink quite a lot of champagne, too!!


This week’s blog is devoted to denim. A timeless favorite, denim has now reached the pinnacle of chic, in the form of Chanel’s strapless, pearl-rimmed denim dress (third from left in first image). Having grown up attending the Cowtown Rodeo, every Saturday night in the Fort Worth Stockyards, I’ll admit that, if I imagine it without the pearls (and add some red suspenders), it does sort of remind me of Rick, the Rodeo Clown’s arena wear. I am sure Rick would not mind Karl Lagerfeld taking inspiration from his days of dodging bulls and saving cowboys from peril.

Be - France, March 2013

Sexy, Sophisticated Denim

So denim can be ultra-sophisticated, yes.

You can dress it up is with a sexy, pencil skirt and sandals.

Be - France, March 2013

Denim and the White Shirt

Another great idea is to wear your denim shirt over a crisp white one (an essentiel this summer) with a big, Native American silver and turquoise choker and a pair oversize earrings. Clean, simple and beautiful (complete here with a pretty, matte-red pout).

Be - France, March 2013




Slim and Cool as an Ice Pop

On the left, slim jeans with a pair boots will always look cool (popsicles optional). We suggest a pair of The Maverick's best-selling Old Gringo ankle boots.


Big Hair and Denim Flare

At a party last Saturday, someone told me that my hairdo reminded them of Jaclyn Smith, my favorite Charlie’s Angel. We won’t waste precious time debating whether or not that was meant as a compliment, and maintain our focus on denim  :  I am seriously considering acquiring a pair of flares, as they are making a comeback ! Yes, be on the lookout for Seafarer jeans, maties !

Made famous in the 70’s, these flare leg jeans are on the retour, and looking pretty good to me…although I am not sure how they'll look with my boots! Incidentally, did you know that flared jeans were originally designed for seamen, and allowed sailors to move easily through a ship's galley, and could be quickly removed, in the case of being thrown overboard ? News to me !

High-Waist Slims
Try a high-waist slim this summer

If you are not a hippy-chick, but still crave the snug, reassurance a high-waist jean provides, you could also go for a slim fit.  








Denim is as Denim Does

What I love about denim is that everyone can wear it, and does, because it is just so amazingly comfortable, durable, ever-improving with age, and yet, denim still carries such a strong symbol, depending on how you wear it, when you wear it, and where you wear it.

Cosmopolitan France, March 2013

Below, I have included a series of photos from the April edition of French Vogue, great looks, which remind me of the Maverick. I hope will inspire you as much as they inspire me.

Vogue France, April 2013

Trends : Overall, or Just plain over?

In closing, I’ll just remind you of a few big trends in denim : the patchwork, the bermuda, the baggy and last, but not least, the overall, which designers are trying to take to a whole new dimension, one that erases all possible recollections of « Hee Haw », although, I am having a hard time…Buck and Roy just keep popping up in my mind, jamming on their guitar and banjo, no matter how my fashionista heart wills them away ! I hate to be a poop, (and knowing myself, I'll end up with a pair, anyway) but I guess a good rule of thumb regarding overall-wear might be : if you are old enough to remember « Hee Haw », you are probably better off reserving your dungarees for gardening! Better let the Y-generation have a go at making them cool ! Hee Haw !

Until next week!

- Lou Murrin-Honoré

Selection of Patchwork jeans : Grazia 8 Feb 2013

Selection of Denim Bermudas : Grazia 8 Feb 2013
Selection of "Baggy" jeans : Grazia 8 Feb 2013
Selection of Overalls : Elle France N° 3508 March 2013

Selection of Denim Overalls : Grazia 8 Feb 2013


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